Copenhagen Suborbitals

Copenhagen Suborbitals is the world’s only crewed amateur spaceflight program. Located in Denmark with supporters across the world. From 2011 to the present day, they’ve designed and flown 6 rockets and capsules from their floating launch site in the Baltic sea.

“Our goal is simple but audacious: to fly an amateur astronaut to space and return them safely to Earth.  A mission as ambitious as Alan Shepherd’s first spaceflight – without any governmental or corporate backing. We seek to prove that any motivated group of people can reach space. If we are successful, Denmark, a nation of less than six million people, will be the fourth nation on Earth and the first in Europe to launch humans into space on a domestic rocket, joining the ranks of Russia, the USA, and China. When Edmund Hillary was asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest he replied: “Because it’s there”. We work to send an amateur into space because space is there to be explored.”


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