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COMMUNITY CUBE is a technology that makes protecting your privacy easy. Thanks to a unique combination of  open hardware and software, it’s both a server and a provider of free secure services. You can trust us, we are fully open.

Each COMMUNITY CUBE comes with the following functionality:

  • Cage OS, a secured open operating system
  • A decentralized anonymous Search Engine with administrator rights.
  • A filter-connector for your Social Networks in one single place.
  • Secure decentralized video conferences.
  • A secure Storage System with collaborative tools
  • Transparent Email encryption for your actual email.
  • Anonymous web traffic enforcer Ad-blocker, intrusion prevention system, anti-virus and anti-tracking technology for your web browsing.

The development of COMMUNITY CUBE services offers independence from any Internet authority, the cloud, corporation or government while educating users actively about data security, privacy and data disaster.

Community Cube is a small plug and play server designed to build a fair and cooperative internet. Our goal is to create a massive, parallel internet from users who deploy the Community Cube server. This server offers users a single, failsafe, 100% citizen distributed network that safeguards privacy and security. It provides all the services you want with all the protection you need.


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