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Cival Einstein: Yemen

Red card to the war

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Cartoonist, caricaturist and illustrator MENTION HONOR SUCESSFULL WORK , no International Cartoon Contest Bride Veneration Kriva Palanka edition 2018 - Macedônia .. HONORABLE MENTION , The 14th International Cartoon contest SYRIA 2018 . CERTIFICATE is AWARDED a Colorful Human World, International Cartoon contest & Exibithion, Noruega 2018 CERTIFICATE is AWARDED a The 5th International Cartoon Gathering , CAIRO - EGITO 2018. 2 LUGAR - 2ND SECOND PRIZE 1st International cartoon contest Magazine BIR KITAP BIN DOST ,theme : "Children will Save the World" Istambul - TURKEY 2018. Selected Prize The First International Caricature Portrait Festival, Beijing 2018, China SPECIAL PRIZE Özel Ödül 7. INTERNATIONAL OLIVE CARTOON CONTEST – 2018 (KYRENIA – CYPRUS) 1 LUGAR- 1st Prize winner no The Fourth International Graphic Humour Festival 'The Sunny Dragon' 2018 ( Goris -Armenia ) Currently illustrating books, and performs live caricatures at events.



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