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CHUBASCO: The conquest of the moon

Chubasco (Víctor Vélez), was born on February 6, 1972 in Mexico City. He is a professional caricaturist and visual artist, from the early age of 16 began publishing in “El Universal”, one of Mexico’s leading newspapers. Throughout his career, he has also collaborated in important media such as “El Economista”, “La Jornada” and “Reforma”.

He has participated in magazines such as “Siempre”, “Expansión”, “Life & Style”, “Chilango”, “Quo”, “Esquire” and “Gente”. He has been a contributor to the French magazine “Courrier Journal”, a subsidiary of the newspaper “Le Monde” and has been a cartoonist for “CartonClub” and “Vj Movements Cartonista”. Chubasco has also ventured into the process of organizing, coordinating and curating exhibitions of famo us Mexican caricaturists such as Abel

Quezada, Manuel Ahumada and Ernesto “el Chango” Cabral. He has also been a jury member in important events such as the Havana Biennial in April 2015….



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