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cartooning for peace, cartoonists who work in favour of peace, working for a better understanding of different cultures and religions, through editorial cartoons as a universal language

CamdelaFu: Guernica…

The first time I saw Guernica in person, I confess that I cried. In my life, I imagined that I had reacted like this...

Christian Durando: SaveTheChildren

#SaveTheChildren: 1 child out of 5 lives in the war zone Italian bombs on Yemen #stopwars #ItalianQArmy #cartoon #cartoons #draw #drawing #illustrazionedelgiorno

Guido Kühn: Brexit

Don’t worry in case of hard #Brexit - England still has Mary Poppins to solve the mess. #BrexitChaos #BrexitParty

Adene: Indifference…

While migrants are still drowning in the mediterranean, Europe seems more and more apathetic...

The third International Cartoon Festival-2019, Kosova

Ambassador of Kosovo Agim Krasniqi –Kragi was born 1951 year in Bitola –Macedonia and moved to Live and work in Pristina –Kosova since 1962. Civil engineer...
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