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cartooning for peace, cartoonists who work in favour of peace, working for a better understanding of different cultures and religions, through editorial cartoons as a universal language

Vasco Gargalo: Levitation

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump

Pete Kreiner – Graph: French Trust for Migrant Population

After a series of devastating terrorist attacks on France resulted in a 2017 poll indicating that just twelve per cent of French citizenry trusted...

Luc Descheemaeker: “Facebook vs democracy”

#verhofstadt #EU #Zuckerberg #facebook #monster "Facebook vs democracy" #bigBrother #1984bigbrother

Rodriguez: “Bad Cerdo”

Certain migrants arriving in the US illegally are “animals”, not people, Donald Trump has said.The US president blamed “weak laws” for allowing criminals and...

Pawel Kuczynski: GAZA

Paweł Kuczyński is a Polish bornpolitical art satirist and philosopher who is anti-war. He draws and paints.

Luc Descheemaeker: Iran Deal

#trump #peace #irandeal

Vasco Gargalo: Reflection

Europe Day is the name of an annual observance by the European Union (EU), held on 9 May. It is also known as Schuman Day, in commemoration of the...

Silvano Mello: The Art of Resistance

Honorable Mention - Menção Honrosa The Art of Resistance International Cartoon Competition 2018 http://blog.cartoonmovement.com/2018/05/the-art-of-resistance-official-selection-1.html

Pete Kreiner: “Down on the Borderline.”

Global indignation over inflexible U.S immigration policy as groups of Central American migrants arriving at a border crossing near San Diego on Sunday are...

Luc Descheemaeker ‘O-SEKOER’: Facebook…

Finalists of the 4th International Cartoon Competion Dijital Media /Iran 2018 Luc Descheemaeker with the 'pen name 'O-SEKOER' 250 international cartoon awards. hit and vote on : http://www.cwn-news.com/galleries/finalists-of-the-4th-international-cartoon-copetition-dijital-media/iran-2018?page=3#category

Pete Kreiner: “Fingers Crossed for Korean Peace”

Historic meeting between Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-In at the DMZ. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-27/north-south-korea-agree-to-complete-denuclearisation-peninsula/9704976

Luc Descheemaeker: Rendez vous d’amour

Macron meets Trump #macron meets #trump   Belgian cartoonist Luc Descheemaeker with the 'pen name 'O-SEKOER'. 250 international cartoon awards.

Vasco Gargalo: Migratory birds

Vasco Gargalo is a portuguese cartoonist. Being a freelance press Cartoonist. He is a regular collaborator with Sabado magazine and the Cartoon Movement.

Rodriguez: “The Good Wishes”

#Syria #US #UK #France #SaveOurChildren #Trump #Damascus #Douma #Russia #NoWar #UN

Luc Descheemaeker: “Trump-Syria”

Belgian cartoonist Luc Descheemaeker with the 'pen name 'O-SEKOER'. 250 international cartoon awards. 2nd prize in the United Nations/Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Award New York (USA)...

Silvano Mello: Digital soup

With self-taught cartoonist, with work published in the Literary Supplement Pernambuco - Brazil, in Le Monde Diplomatique Brazil, Dossier Magazine, Magazine Você S /...

Rodriguez: “Free Shawkan”

After 5 years of detention and torture, the Egyptian prosecution asked for maximum punishment, that is, death by hanging, for the photojournalist Mahmoud Abou...
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