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Tuesday, December 11, 2018


cartooning for peace, cartoonists who work in favour of peace, working for a better understanding of different cultures and religions, through editorial cartoons as a universal language

Atiq Shahid: FIRST OF MAY!

International Workers' Day

Atiq Shahid: Free Turkey Media!

“Journalism is criminalized in Turkey today, an editorial policy critical of President Erdoğan suffices to be jailed on a terrorism charge and denied any...

Vasco Gargalo: Attack in Egypt

Egypt Palm Sunday: bombings of two Coptic churches in separate cities: in the Nile Delta city of Tanta, in city of Alexandria.

CHUBASCO: “Pensamiento”

Chubasco (Víctor Vélez), was born on February 6, 1972 in Mexico City. He is a professional caricaturist and visual artist, from the early age...

Rodriguez: “THE WHO”

#London #LondonAttack #Westminster #WeAreNotAfraid #WestminsterAttack
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