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The Conversationalist is all about encouraging empathy and fighting closed-mindedness. It seems to me that fear, judgment, and misunderstanding has recently contributed to a recognizable deficiency in simply having conversations in an attempt to understand differences. I think that each individual’s perspective is deeply informed by his or her own life experiences, relationships, and surroundings. Whether these beliefs are controversial or unquestioned, they deserve respect and consideration. Simply sitting down and talking with someone is the single greatest tool for preventing hatred, conflict, and ignorance. Although I am personally quite the conversationalist and love engaging in these dialogues, I am consciously seeking to do so through this platform in order to address topics that are in the forefront of social justice and political realms.

Through conducting interviews with inspiring people of varying backgrounds, I hope to interrogate how prejudices and stereotypes develop, how a sense of purpose and clarity in professional lives is clarified, and how judgmental tendencies can be combated and reversed. I will be conducting different series focusing on topics varying from the notion of success, political polarization, navigating the job market, and dealing with transitions. I must admit that this is a bit of a selfish venture, because I am examining all of these tensions and topics in my own life, and value the insight gained through each interview. However, I am quite certain that I am not alone in having these questions, and through broadcasting the advice of accomplished people, I hope that I am not the only one who gains a greater sense of personal and professional clarity.
I look forward to learning from all of the inspiring people I interview, and I hope that you do as well.
Happy conversating!
-Nora https://theconversationalistnora.com/

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