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Renewable energy, Hydro electricity ,Wind energy, Solar energy, Geothermal energy , Biofuel , Ethanol , Hydrogen

AirEnergy 3D & Liam F1 UWT

A 3D printed, foldable wind turbine boosting 300W of power. omni3d.com     Liam F1 UWT  http://dearchimedes.com

Masanobu Fukuoka “Natural Farming”

Masanobu Fukuoka (福岡 正信) (2 February 1913 – 16 August 2008) was a Japanese farmer and philosopher celebrated for hisnatural farming and re-vegetation of desertified lands. He...

Solar Sinter Project

In a world increasingly concerned with questions of energy production and raw material shortages, this project explores the potential of desert manufacturing, where energy...

SheerWind Turbine

SheerWind is an energy technology company that has developed INVELOX, an innovative wind power generation system that significantly outperforms traditional wind turbines. This unique,...

HEATWORKS MODEL 1 Water heater

The HEATWORKS MODEL 1 is a tankless electric water heater which revolutionizes the way water is heated. The MODEL 1 produces instant, endless hot...

SODIS Solar water disinfection

Solar water disinfection - the SODIS method - is a simple procedure to disinfect drinking water. Contaminated water is filled in a transparent PET-bottle...


  Solvatten makes unsafe water drinkable by using solar energy. Put Solvatten in a sunny place, give it 2-6 hours and the water will be...


L'ARBRE À VENT, une alternative aux éoliennes traditionnelles. Une solution à taille humaine qui réconcilie Nature et Technologie dans une démarche vraiment éco-responsable. http://www.arbre-a-vent.fr http://www.arbre-a-vent.fr http://www.newwind.fr/ http://www.facebook.com/arbre.a.vent https://twitter.com/NewWind_RD

Aquacell battery

Aquacell battery is a clean, lightweight alternative to normal alkaline batteries. It’s ideal for everyday use in devices with low to medium power consumption. It weighs...

GravityLight: lighting for the developing countries

GravityLight is a revolutionary new approach to storing energy and creating illumination. It takes only 3 seconds to lift the weight which powers GravityLight, creating...

Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project

Crescent Dunes Tonopah, NV http://www.solarreserve.com The Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project is a 110 MW plant located near Tonopah, Nevada. Once completed, it will power up to...

The Orbital Shower Concept

The Orbital Shower Concept WATER SAVINGS Savings up to, and more than 90% water consumption. Due to the efficient water recycling system. ENERGY SAVINGS Savings up to, and more...

M-KOPA Solar

M-KOPA was established in 2011 following successful consumer trials in Kenya during 2010. As of October 2013, we are actively providing affordable solar power to...


FlameStower converts fire into electricity - off-grid, portable phone charging in a compact design for camping and power outages. Mobile technology can enhance our outdoor...

Gosunstove. Fuel-free cooking solution

  Only 20 minutes to a meal, safely sizzling up to 550°F, the GoSun Stove is the first truly practical fuel-free cooking solution. This portable solar...

Pure Madi & other potters.

PureMadi is working to create, test, and implement appropriate technologies to improve water quality, human health, and quality of life for the world’s poorest communities. ...

STELLA: energy-positive car

The Solar Team Eindhoven (STE) of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) presented the world's first solar-powered family car. "Stella" is the first "energy-positive car"...

WAKA WAKA solar-powered LED lamp

A sturdy, highly efficient, sustainable, solar-powered LED lamp. The WakaWaka Light is as much an indispensable product for those in the West, as it is...

Enhanced Mueller Report Now Accessible to All

The Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election, or the Mueller Report, is now freely available in ebook format to...

Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code on GitHub

Original Apollo 11 guidance computer (AGC) source code for Command Module (Comanche055) and Lunar Module (Luminary099). Digitized by the folks at Virtual AGC and MIT Museum. The...

Boston Dynamics Parody

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