Captain Crunch

John Thomas Draper (born 1943), also known as Captain CrunchCrunch or Crunchman

 (after Cap’n Crunch, the mascot of abreakfast cereal),

is an American computer programmer and former phone phreak.

He is a legendary figure within the computer programming world and the hacker and security community.

Draper has long maintained a nomadic lifestyle; as of May 2013, he resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Draper’s software development history includes:

  • The Motorola 6800 Cross Assembler for CallComputer (1974)
  • The Charlie Board (1977)
  • Forth 1.7 for the Apple II (1978)
  • EasyWriter© (1980)
  • Advanced 3-D Graphic Design Systems for Autodesk(1986–89)
  • Website Development (1994 to present)
  • The Crunchbox Firewall (CTO of ShopIp 1999–2004)
  • VOIP application for OnInstant (2005)
  • The Channel Manager for the Flyxo Media System (CTO of En2Go 2005–10)


don’t do that. I don’t do that anymore at all. And if I do it, I do it for one reason and one reason only. I’m learning about a system. The phone company is a System. A computer is a System, do you understand? If I do what I do, it is only to explore a system. Computers, systems, that’s my bag. The phone company is nothing but a computer.

— Secrets of the Little Blue Box, Ron Rosenbaum, Esquire Magazine (October 1971)

This 1983 interview of once notorious phone phreak Captain Crunch (John Draper), conducted by reporter Sam Donaldson, provides a fascinating glimpse of attitudes toward “computer hacking” almost 30 years ago (actually even before the once venerable and honorable term “hacking” became firmly associated with illegal activities in the public mind). — From the Vortex Video Archive —

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