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Brazil: Children parade for adoption

In Brazil, raised great controversy the decision to parade dozens of orphaned children in front of an audience of prospective adoptive parents. The event, organized in a commercial center of Cuiabá (another reason for controversy) sparked controversy and heavy cirches for the treatment reserved for humans used as pets, as reported by the newspaper Solicias.

The first to criticize the initiative was one of the candidates for the last candidate to the presidential elections Guillermo Boulos who described the initiative as “incredible perversity ” and with “devastating effects “. “A parade that looks like an old slave trade fair, where the Lords looked at the teeth of Africans and verified their robust build and then negotiated the price,” said lawyer Eduardo Mahlon. A needless suffering, however: according to Mahlonm, after the last edition of the parade, in 2016, only two teenagers were adopted (of 14 and 15 years).
Very critical also the judgement of the former deputy Manuela D’avila according to which the parade conveys the idea that children would seek the approval of the prospective adoptive family with a physical appearance. “I think it’s one of the saddest news I’ve ever read. Put the children on the catwalk, full of dreams and desires, looking for approval after the parade; As if to love a child we should admire them physically, he said after being informed of the incident.

Of different notice Tatiane de Barros Ramalho, chairman of the Committee on Children and Young people who organized the “event”. Ramalho said that this initiative would serve prospective adoptive parents ‘ to meet children ‘, ‘ to get more information about adoption ‘ and children ‘ to have a different day, in which they will be able to make their own clothes, dress up and treat makeup for Parade. ” Before entering the catwalk, in fact, professionals make AUP stylist take care of the hair of children and young people, their clothes. The event, in fact, has been criticized because it served as a marketing tool for shops specializing in products for children in the mall that provided the garments and other accessories for the parade. Adamant from its positions the Ramalho that, in the face of the rain of criticism, reiterated that it is a useful initiative for the whole population that “can have more information about the adoption”.

But the fact, perhaps, that caused the major criticisms is that, according to the CNJ, the event would be authorized by the juvenile judge Gleide Bispo Santos and would have obtained the support of the Children’s Committee on the Youth and the OAB in Mato Grosso.



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