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Sunday, January 20, 2019

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The Solar Voyager

Two people are heading for the South Pole in a vehicle made of plastic waste, powered by the sun. Join us, because creating a...

SunZilla solar-powered generator

SunZilla is a solar-powered generator that provides a clean and easy-to-use alternative for off-grid electricity supply. Its battery storage ensures a reliable and flexible...


"Visiting small isolated communities up on the high plateau in the North East region of Ethiopia, I witnessed this dramatic reality: the lack of...

Safi Sarvi: A unique fertilizer blend for the African soil

Safi Sarvi(R) increases a farmer's yields while reducing soil acidity. Our product is suitable for a variety of agriculture and horticulture including: maize, rice,...

A Potential Source of Clean, Limitless Energy

Paul Thibado discovered that under the right circumstances, temperature changes caused by ambient heat makes graphene ripple and buckle. Now he’s using this idea...

AIR-INK: first ink made of air pollution

AIR-INK is the first ink made entirely out of air pollution. After capturing air-pollution through pilot trials of KAALINK™ we've repurposed pollutants into tools for...

HomeBiogas 2.0

Homebiogas is an off-grid system that generates clean energy without any electricity AND allows you to properly treat your household waste! The system produces...

Loowatt: Waterless Energy-Generating Toilet

Human waste + Anaerobic digestion = Biogas + Fertilizer Loowatt commissioned a 2-part documentary to record our work in Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar. The documentary...

TURBOLENT: clean and decentralized energy to everyone

After 2 years of engineering and build iterations the team of Turbulent has finished its first 15kW low-head hydropower turbine. This is a scalable...

BBOXX: SMART Solar platform to rural Africa

BBOXX is a venture backed company developing solutions to provide affordable, clean energy to off-grid communities in the developing world. BBOXX Home comes with a...

Sundrop Farms: growing using renewable inputs

A fresh way of thinking Sundrop technology doesn’t exploit nature, it works in harmony with it. We use it to harvest solar power to supply us...

Wavestar: power from waves

The concept was invented by sailing enthusiasts Niels and Keld Hansen in 2000. The challenge was to create a regular output of energy from...
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Crane hacking by Trend Micro

Researchers at Trend Micro Federico Maggi and Marco Balduzzi  launch hacks on cranes, first testing the attacks on a toy before moving on to real construction sites.

ElliQ is a robot helper for the elderly

ElliQ is specially designed with and for older adults to give them everything they need to stay sharp, connected and engaged. Interacting with ElliQ and the world is easy and fun, and through AI...

Linus Torvalds: Why Desktop Linux Is Behind

In this interviews, Linus Torvalds talks about why Linux has not succeeded on Desktop.

The “Computer” Mouse

The computer mouse is an entire laptop computer in mouse form that uses the raspberry pi zero W as its brain. I originally wanted to just put a raspberry pi into a mouse but...

YOLO: Real-Time Object Detection

You only look once (YOLO) is a state-of-the-art, real-time object detection system. On a Pascal Titan X it processes images at 30 FPS and has a mAP of 57.9% on COCO test-dev. YOLOv3 is extremely...
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