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Bioflux – A Personal Laboratory for everyone

Bioflux democratises Life Science with the automated Personal Laboratory. Making research collaborative, open and affordable for everyone. The Personal Lab shrinks a biology lab into a portable, affordable and automated device for point of care diagnostics and personalised drug production. High labor costs restrict rapid prototyping in life sciences inhibiting development of point-of-care diagnostics and personalized drugs for plants, animals and humans. Existing automation robots used in the pharmaceutical industry are costly and only economic for high revenue drug production controlled by monopolistic multinationals. This leaves many urgent, but scientifically solvable, environmental and health problems untouched. We are developing the Personal Lab as a new platform for scientific literate citizens to read and write biological code. The Personal Lab is a portable and affordable device enabling automated and programmable execution of biological protocols, increasing efficiency up to 100000X. This will allow a community of users to collaboratively program and test new protocols and create bioapplications to e.g. solve the antibiotic crisis. We have established a network of hardware and software engineers and biologists that developed a prototype of a Personal Lab and are embedded in the global DIYbio scene and thereby quickly spead our technology . We will provide you with Biochips containing all needed reagents and a software that offers unlimited options to code your own bioapplications and share them with the community. Join us in this open source hardware project and start coding biology!

About Rüdiger Trojok:
Rüdiger Trojok Diplom Biologist, studied systems and synthetic biology at the Universities of Potsdam, Copenhagen (DTU) and Freiburg. During his thesis he invented a novel contraceptive method based on genetically altered lactic acid bacteria. He worked as a freelance consultant for the office for Technology Assessment by the German Parliament on biohacking and synthetic biology. Since 2014 he works for the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology on the EU program Synenergene. He is currently establishing a citizen science biolab in Berlin, and is supporting open-source biotechnology projects related to public life, politics and the arts.

OpenDrop is a new design for an open source digital microfludics platform for research purposes. The device uses recent electro-wetting technology to control small droplets of liquids. Potential applications are lab on a chip devices for automating processes of digital biology. How ever the present design should also open the technology to other field and allow experimentation to find new applications. Including the field of art, music, games and education.





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