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BBSs and early Internet access in the 1990ies

Modems, FIDO, Z-Netz, Usenet, UUCP, SLIP and ISDN

This talk explains how individuals were able to communicate globally in the 1990ies using self-organized networks of BBSsin networks like FIDO and Z-Netz, before individual access to the Internet was possible. It also covers the efforts of non-profit organizations to provide individual access to Internet Mail+News via UUCP and later via IP during that period.

This talk covers how individuals could participate in local, regional and global message-based data communications in the 1990ies. It covers the technologies used to access such networks, both on the infrastructure (BBS) side, as well as on the user/client side.

At the same time, the talk is a bit of a personal journey from


    • accessing dial-up BBSs using accoustinc coupler and modem


    • becoming CoSysop of a BBS and learning about how to operatie BBSs


    • being a Node/Point in message based communications networks like Z-Netz and FIDO


    • using UUCP to participate in Internet mail/news (Usenet)


    • working in the technical team of Kommunikationsnetz Franken e.V. to set up a community-based ISP with modem and ISDN dial-up banks, satellite based Usenet feeds, analog leased lines ISDN-SPV.


    • helping getting Germany’s alleged first Internet Cafe (we then called it an Online Bistro) connected





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