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The first environmentally friendly platation in Laos which has released a utility token based on Ethereum, pegged to the export price of 1 kg bananas.
“The Bananacoin Project was established by a group of professionals
with over 3 years of experience in producing bananas in Laos, consulted by
software development experts and professional lawyers, in order to take
advantage of blockchain technology in addressing real business objectives.
The strategic goal of the project is a core modification of business and
export relationships connected to the production and delivery of bananas.
The initiators of the project have set a goal — to decentralize the process
of business expansion and take it beyond the framework
of traditional partnerships.
The Bananacoin Project will facilitate wider recognition of blockchain
technology on the commodity market, forming a close connection with
blockchain communities —
Bitcoin, Ethereum, WAVES and others.”



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