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Emad Salehi
He was born in 1980 / ahwaz _ Iran : Starting from high school, he began to take art seriously. Get: CERTIFICATE: social responsibilty in : fine art education servies based on : iso 26000:2010 guidelines / Diploma in Graphic and Get: CERTIFICATE:Doctor of Business Administration . Holding and judging in some individual caricature display and writing regularly . many specialized articles for .newspaper are among some of his activities in the last decades . Held 40 personal exhibitions of paintings and caricatures . Take part in more than 200 collective art exhibitions in different countries . Jury member of several international festivals . A history of 10 years of teaching fine arts at the center of Dubai's modern creativity . Specialized painting and caricature workshop In the UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Iran . Emad Salehi He was an art workshop And now in his own atelier He is active. He was several times a winner at The national and international festival Activities and records Emad Salehi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Activities and Experiences Member the jury of Dubai Arts Festival. Modern Creative Center 2001 Member the jury of The second Dubai International Cartoon Festival 2002 Management first cartoon house in Dubai in 2004 and 2008 Prize for Visual Arts Festival in 2000 and 2001 of iran Special Award for Caricature Festival in Turkey 2002 Special Award for Caricature Festival in South Korea 1999 and 2001 Received a special prize in the cartoon competition Received first prize in the biennial International penela from Portugal in 2016 Get the World Grand Prize from the South Korean Cartoon World Festival in 2017 Receiving the second prize at the World Press Freedom Festival in Canada 2018 Get the second prize of the World Cartoon Festival 2018 results of The International Exhibition of Satirical Graphic BUCOVINA - ROMANIA the 12 th Edition, 2018

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Boston Dynamics Parody

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