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Florian Doru Crihana

Florian Doru Crihana
He is a Romanian artist. He is among the most appreciated European satirical illustrators. He has won over seventy international awards; his works are housed in the Goslar Museum of Modern Art. The decisive factor in her career is the meeting with the German journalist, collector and publisher Dieter Burkamp, which allows the insertion of ten works in the collection of the Goslar Museum of Modern Art.

Environment or eco-sustainability?

When we talk about environment or eco-sustainability, we often end up trying to identify those responsible for the damage caused. A few days ago, the...

Charney Report

UCLA’s 1948 Mechanical Computer

  Original theatrical release date: August 6, 1948 Video shows UCLA's Differential Analyzer, a mechanical computer, in 1948. "In December of 1977, the last working model...
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