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CORNEL-MARIN CHIOREAN The undersigned Cornel – Marin Chiorean, of Romanian nationality, CNP 1560501384206, born in Cluj, Dracula’s Transylvania, on 1-th of May, 1956, a building engineer since 1980 and currently living in Rm. Vâlcea. Publications after 1973 not frequently, drawings and cartoons. Personal exposition in Cluj, Rm. Vâlcea and Vandoeuvre - Nancy ( France, 1992 ). Participations to contests-events…. Prizes : - Premio speciale sul tema libero-Vercelli 1986, - Premiul Moftul Român Zalău 1990, - L’ingotto d’argento by CONI Ancona 1991, - Segnalato Cuneo 1994, - Evens Prize 1999 Madrid, - Grand Premio Scacchiera 2001 Cartoon Marostica, - Mention Vercelli 2002, 2010 and 2012, - Premio speciale della juria sectione SATIRA, GALLARATE 2012, - wroznienia honorowe KARPIK 2014 and 2015, - Cena predsedníčky EX LIBRIS AD PERSONAM HLOHOVEC 2014, - Excellent prize Football Star to The 2nd International Caricature Art Competition CHINA 2014, - Diploma Strumica 2015 carnival EROTICA, - Honorable mention The Golden Keg 2015 Prešov, - HUMORIST PRIZE toThe 5th “RED MAN” Beijing, CHINA 2015, - 3RD award Golden Helmet Kruševac Serbia 2016, - 3RD place VOUBS Funny cartoons images competition 2016, - First China International Children’s Animation Festival Libo Comics 2016, EXCELLENCE AWARD, - Environmental cartoon, Sopron Hungary 3RD place, - Certificates of Merit of the Maya Kamath Memorial Awards Competition 2016, - 15th Free Cartoons Web 2016, caricature section, Silver Prize, - Salt & Pepper 2017 Magazine applause, - silver medal to International Competition & Exhibition 2017 Philosopher Wang Yangming Caricature & Ancient China in the Eyes of Artists, - Master of caricature Plovdiv 2017 Bulgaria, special prize of the rector university Agribusiness Plovdiv, - FECO CHINA, Best humor artist award 2017, - Bride’s Veneration, Macedonia 2018, certificate for successful work.

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