Arm-a-Dine, a social eating system that uses an on-body third arm to explore augmented eating experiences.


The Guts Game: Designing Playful Experiences for Ingestible Devices

Zhuying Li, Felix Brandmueller, Stefan Greuter, Florian Mueller

CHI 2018: ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Video Showcase Abstract We present the “Guts Game”, a novel two-player mobile game involving ingestible devices. Our game requires the players to swallow a digital sensor that measures the user’s body temperature continuously. Players need to change their body temperature to a certain degree to complete in-game tasks. Points are awarded to players upon completing these tasks. The game ends when one of the players excretes the sensor. The player who received more points at the end of the game wins. By introducing ingestible devices to the field of game design, we might be able to facilitate entertainment experiences for people who need to use ingestible devices for medical use. Furthermore, our work might also help game designers interested in developing novel and rich game experiences.





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