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The art of seduction is at its core an act of generosity

Seduction has long been associated with dubious morality, but these
tactics from the seducers’ handbook will actually help you create
better and more authentic relationships. Author and feminist PUA Arden
Leigh will explain how the art of seduction is at its core an act of

According to Arden Leigh, female pickup artist, relationship coach and
author of The New Rules of Attraction: How to Get Him, Keep Him, and
Make Him Beg for More, seduction is about finding happiness with
yourself first, a tool necessary for self-improvement. Seduction also
doesn't require the addition of a significant other (though if you're
waiting around for a date in time for Friday, here's a hint: inaction
will lead to more waiting), but as her book, and every other worthwhile
advice book I've read and reviewed here has said, you'll need to put
yourself out there to find one.

Arden Leigh is the founder of the Sirens Seduction Forum and the author
of The New Rules of Attraction. She writes a regular advice column for
Auxiliary Magazine and maintains her blog at ardenleigh.typepad.com.
She is currently at work on a memoir of her experiences in the BDSM
community. Her band, Arden and the Wolves, has released two EPs.



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