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Arcadio: R.I.P. NYC Cartoons

It has been a tragic week for graphic humor and for freedom of expression, the American newspaper THE NEW YORK TIMES has decided to eliminate the political cartoons from its editorial pages, from the mouth of James Benneth Chief Editor of the newspaper, this incorrect decision has been known . Mr. James mentions that “for a year they had been evaluating this possibility” and from what we see, the trigger for the final decision has been a couple of cartoons published in its editorial section in April and June, which the same newspaper has described of anti-Semites, especially this week, where Trump is seen being carried like a blind man and wearing a yarmulke on his head and dark glasses, by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, turned into a dog whose neck hangs a necklace with the Star of David badge, caricature of my Portuguese colleague António Moreira Antunes.
My colleague and partner in Courier magazine in Paris, the Swiss Patrick Chapatte, regretted the news, especially sad for him since he was one of the NYT’s official cartoonists for years.
There are tendencies to follow the example of influencers in the world, if the New York Times has made this decision, I am concerned that other international newspapers and magazines take the same path of the most important newspaper in the world

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Born in Costa Rica. Graduated as Caricaturist in the CEAC Institute from Spain, 1982. Graduated as Advertising Designing in the University of Cience and Arts of Costa Rica in Costa Rica, 1999. Professor of cartooning at the University of Costa Rica. Producer television on Channel 13 of the government of Costa Rica. (TV show "El mundo de Arcadio", educative program to teach painting and drawing). Editor of 16 educative books of art, cartooning and caricature. Cartoonist for several newspapers and magazine all over the world (La Prensa, Panamá; Courrierinternational, France; Al Día, Costa Rica; Caglecartoons Inc., USA).



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