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Anxiety by Mirella Orsi


A certain amount of anxiety is very much part of being human, but how much anxiety we can tolerate? When it is useful and when it becomes a trap? Nowadays, our life style pushes us to the limit every moment. Therefore, there is an increase of the illnesses related to anxiety, especially in the young people. Which are the reasons for that? Well, this is can be a tricky question and, for sure.

There are different theories, but, largely, the main culprit is the modern lifestyle. However, to understand better this pathology, a wise idea can be start with the bottom up. In fact, not everyone knows how these are the chemical compounds involved or are they works. In addition, it is important to know what is the best therapeutic approach in the case of an occasional anxiety attack and, when instead, we need a pharmacological therapy. So, let‘s know more about the anxiety, how it works and, more than ever, how can survive…




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