Anarchic Harmony

“WATCHMYSOUNDTRACK Anarchic Harmony’ is an experimental music documentary occurred by Koray Kaya with Mutlu San’s advises.

The film took its name from John Cage’s “anarchic harmony” movement. His indeterminacy principle proved that one can make music by using all different kind of sounds, not only by instruments. in several interviews, the director tries to find answers for questions like; “Why should people have to listen same music types everyday?”

Anarchic Harmony is not confined with only one genre. Nourished itself by the revolutionary composers, theorists like İlhan Mimaroğlu’s considerable contribution to contemporary music scene in New York and Istanbul.

Labels like Sublime Porte, Polyfisch or other individual young and remarkable electronic musicians inspired by avant-garde pioneers, represent an important edge of Istanbul underground scene. Jazz Pianist Aydın Esen and Dr. Alper Maral’s comments on sociopolitical developments illuminate the advancement of technology accompanied with music through its quest into the uniformization.

All of the monologs were shot before Occupy Gezi which were foreshadowing the common feeling of the event itself. The real-time experience within that autonomous zone with all its spontaneity and undetermined nature has enabled people to understand its impact has been much more stronger than what an organisational structure could have achieved. While Gezi scenes are serving as an antidote to the present decay, monologues reveals the conservative and cliché stand-point of neo-liberal make-believe games. Gezi is not only a resistance but also a collective product, a critique, a banquet and an act of poetry that points out its unique statement that all could convinced, regarding humanity and nature.

Koray Kaya and Mutlu San at an event for Anarchic Harmony – 2014


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