An autopsy in the IoT: Nabaztag, the Hare


The Internet of Things is the materialization of what was once theoretically called Ubiquitous Computing and subsequently Pervasive Computing. Both features were considered in the
past positive and desirable aspects of computer technology.
Most of people today still remains of this opinion.

My rabbit is the only computing thing that, in 30
years of coexistence, made me look good & smart in my
girlfriend opinion. Nabaztag motto is “If you can even
connect rabbits, then you can connect anything”
(credit: @kinivazquez)

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Marco Calamari
Marco Calamari
Born 1955, nuclear engineer, sometimes know as Cassandra, at age 18 needed to decide if buy an used car or a pc; his choice was the pc and since then has not yet fully recovered. He works as a legacy code archeologist in a big multinational company, but is passionate about privacy & cryptography on Internet, and volunteers on some FOSS software projects like Freenet, Mixmaster, Mixminion, Tor & GlobaLaks. Founder of PWS – Progetto Winston Smith and amongst founders of Hermes association, currently write about Matrix issues both in ICT and Generalist newspaper and magazines. He is columnist at “Punto Informatico” where manage the “Cassandra Crossing” weekly column.

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