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Amsterdam: TreeWiFi

TreeWiFi wants to use the trees in Amsterdam to measure the air quality, and to motivate people to use public transportation and their bikes more often by rewarding them with free WiFi when the air quality improves in their street.


TreeWiFi wants to place inexpensive sensors in trees, which generate hyperlocal maps to motivate citizens to work together in tackling air pollution.

Placed in trees are measuring boxes along with WiFi routers which send out free WiFi when the nearby air quality improves. A subtle ring of light signals the current status of the air quality, which can also be found on an app.

Placing TreeWiFi boxes in every street or neighborhood will not only offer researchers a better understanding of the workings of air pollution, but also motivate citizens to get involved in reducing air pollution.

TreeWiFi aims to motivate people who live in a city to use their bikes and public transportation more often, and to organize car-free days in their neighborhoods.




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