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AMERICAN ELECTIONS: for the umpteenth time a farce on American Democracy

The show business of American elections is ended for the umpteenth time at the same way.

Two self stating candidates, full of money received by their sponsors, after having run all over the States for spending the money received, met face to face at the “redde rationem” of elections and once again won Mr. Obama, a personage who in his life never gave evidence of nothing important, but just nominated and voted by a financial class that now expects from him he will respect all agreements convened for his reelection.

Nevertheless what is even more ridiculous is the fact that the same funders of Obama funded Romney too, just to be sure of never loosing in both hypotheses.

No Mr. Joe Black or Mrs. Eunice Rosenthal, for instance, could participate to votes (as Democracy states) because those affairs cannot be open to anybody, but just to personages who accept the rules of plutocracy.

The new American President has not been elected by the majority of citizens (as Democracy states) but just by a minimal minority, which does not reach even the 15% of total voters.

How to say: in the States to vote is “Cosa nostra” of all those who employ their financial (fake) resources for electing only “Who can play the game”.

Please consider that President Bush Jr. in his criminal mind wanted to export American Democracy to Iraq and many other criminals (included many members of E.U.) accepted the lurid farce just to take possess of Iraqi oil.

That’s right; the world has always been commanded from powerful persons, therefore no ‘real democracy’ is possible. In Ancient Rome when the ‘Res Publica’ was in danger the Senate nominated a ‘dictator’ with full power, who certainly was not a stupid and who always succeeded in his scope. The most famous amongst them was Furius Camillus of the ‘Gens Furia’ nominated dictator for four times, who for his high civic sense and his capacities was named ‘Second founder’ of the city.

Nowadays the world is strongly in danger just because democracy stalks for butterflies and the most powerful state in the world, instead of counting on competent people with high civic spirit, counts on people who can play the game of plutocracy.

Plutocracy, such a term remembers me so much the action of a certain Benito, a powerful man and the only one at his time able to reconstruct and manage a state destined to certain defeat after the retirement of Socialists on the Aventine.

The good ‘Ben’ so named by the Americans perfectly knew Democracy was just a fiction and eliminated what he called ‘Ludi cartacei’ (paper games). Ben has been the only one to help Germans massacred by the huge monetary inflation of the 1920s and to teach Hitler on how to contrast Anglo-American plutocracy. His misfortune was the fact that Hitler (dirty minded or full of frightfulness as so many Ancient Roman Emperors) from scholar took the teaching post and became the maestro, dictating his rules to the world, ‘Ben’ included. The end of that has been the greatest tragedy humanity has never passed.

Today we are not so far away from a similar event with one substantial difference: while Hitler had alone in his hands all the power of Germany (therefore, killing him one could kill his regime too) now the power of the US strength is in the hands of a multitude of financial men, who can write credit documents (false wealth) at their will and with them to dominate the whole world. It’s not enough to eliminate one of them for eliminating such insanity, but it’s needed to eliminate all of them at once, or abolish this infamous financial system.



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