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Alexandria and the Open Index Protocol

The problems of centralized media distribution have become clearer in recent years. At the same time, decentralized technology development is moving so fast that it’s impossible to keep up with all of the new projects. In this world of experiments, the community working on Alexandria hopes to foster collaboration and interoperability by introducing the Open Index Protocol. This is presently an active topic of discussion within and between teams working on various decentralized media distribution projects. The current technical configuration of an Alexandria “full node” will also be presented to help illustrate.

Ryan Taylor at Blockchain Meetup Berlin, 30 Nov 2016

The Ancient Library of Alexandria is a perfect, and tragic, example of the problem with centralization. Today’s information architecture is similarly vulnerable because the it’s hub and spoke network relies on centralized hubs to store and distribute information. Decentralized technology eliminates central points of failure.

The Decentralized Library of Alexandria protects transparent access to art and information.

The Decentralized Library of Alexandria allows any application to capitalize on a protocol that both monetizes and distributes media across a variety of applications.  It means content creators can sell the same artifact in countless different methods and fans won’t be limited to available content within their favorite service.





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