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ACLED – Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project

ACLED is a disaggregated conflict analysis and crisis mapping project. ACLED collects and analyzes data on locations, dates and types of all reported armed conflict and protest events in developing countries.

The ACLED project codes reported information on the type, agents, exact location, date, and other characteristics of political violence events, demonstrations and select politically relevant non-violent events. ACLED focuses on tracking a range of violent and non-violent actions by political agents, including governments, rebels, militias, communal groups, political parties, external actors, rioters, protesters and civilians. Data contain specific information on the date, location, group names, interaction type, event type, reported fatalities and contextual notes.

ACLED concentrates on the following events:

Tracking rebel, militia and government activity over time and space;

Recording violent acts between and across non-state groups, including political and communal militias;

Recording political violence by unnamed agents, as violent groups may remain unnamed for strategic reasons

Recording attacks on civilians by all violent political agents;

Distinguishing between territorial transfers of military control from governments (and their affiliates) to non-state agents and vice versa;

Locating rebel, militia and government bases, headquarters, strongholds and presence;

Collecting information on rioting and protesting; and

Non-violent ‘strategic developments’ representing crucial junctures in periods of political violence (e.g. rallies, recruitment drives, peace talks, high-level arrests).






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