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The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has recently advanced accusation against Brazil. According to Committee experts, brasilian police could be responsible for thousands of deaths (including many children and adolescents). This would be done to set free some areas and carry out the work for 2016 Olympic Games.

UN expert Gehad Madi said: “We have already seen similar episodes during the 2014 World Cup and now we ask that this methods are immediately corrected to prevent it from occurring again”. A statement confirmed by Sara Oviedo, who added: “It is a way to improve the appearance of their territory in order to receive international events”.

To raise the alarm about what’s happening in Brazil, was Amnesty International, a few months ago in its report (https://www.amnesty.org/download/Documents/AMR1920682015ENGLISH.PDF) denouncing Brazilian law enforcement to be responsible of several killings (16 percent of the killings in the last five years would be made by police).

Most of victims are black people (in almost eighty percent of the cases) and more than half of the total of those killed were young people between 15 to 24 years old. According to Amnesty International report, most of them were rarely subject of investigations. The prosecutor’s office of Rio de Janeiro reported that between 2010 and 2015 were processed 587 policemen. But the real thing is that there were no consequences.

Data reported by Amnesty International have been now confirmed by the UN report: according to information gathered by the Committee (also thanks to some newspapers like Estado de S.Paulo), the police would be directly involved in ” high number of executions summary of children”. Many of these murders would take place in Rio de Janeiro, where “there is a wave of ‘cleaning’ that aims at the Olympics to show the world a city without these problems,” said the vice-president of the Committee of the United Nations, Renate Winter.

In the last decade it has been more than 8400 victims of the police. And this only in the State of Rio de Janeiro, one of the smallest of all Brazil. More than 5 thousand of them happened in the central town. Cases classified as “resistance followed by death” by police show a worrying trend in growth in the last two years: they have increased by more than 30 percent (that could confirm the “cleaning” of the police in view of next year’s Olympics).

Unprecedented violence and unjustified (or the World Cup or the Olympics are worth even a single human life) that primarily affects the ‘Meninos de rua’ and those who live in ‘favelas’. “We are seriously concerned”, said the members of the Committee who have asked for an explanation to the local authorities.

No one, however, has done nothing concrete.

C.Alessandro Mauceri



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