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A Conversation with: Dennis Rockhill, Founder of Proto GB

Welcome to episode 1 of a new series called “Reality Check.” In this series, we will be examining the conceptions surrounding work, fulfillment, and stability in America today. We will specifically be hearing from a group of individuals who pursued their passions and often left stable jobs in the process.

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Proto began as an idea to provide tools, materials, mentorship and space to youth and adults in our community that wanted to pursue their creative passion. It was to be a makerspace. We were very generously provided a space on the third floor of the Brown County Central Library to set up shop and get a start. It was quite a busy start with several robotics teams, workshops and

. Along the way, as we further developed what seemed to be working, and what was more fun, we became a resource for formal and informal educational maker initiatives. From the beginning we have always had a connection with The Einstein Project, a provider of hands-on, inquiry-based science curriculum and materials.

Proto’s mission is to build creativity, confidence and grit in our youth through hands-on, STEAM-focused projects, workshops and teams.

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