3-D printer transforms liquids to solid objects in minutes

3-D printing with light. A new 3-D printing technique shines light rays onto this yellow liquid, creating solid, 3-D objects. The syrupy liquid is light sensitive and hardens when exposed to a certain amount of light. Nicknamed the “Replicator,” the printer custom-makes objects; like a model of a jaw, a mini-screwdriver, or even “The Thinker”. Researchers generate a 3-D model of an object and a computer program converts the 3-D model into a movie. The liquid rotates and reacts to the movie’s patterns of light. The “Replicator’s” objects are more smooth, flexible, and complex than traditional 3-D printed objects.

Timelapses of printing shown at :02-:04 and :32-:34

To read the full story, visit: https://news.berkeley.edu/2019/01/31/…

Video by Roxanne Makasdjian and Stephen McNally Music: “Weirder Stuff” by Geographer Animation of 3-D printer by Jacob Long, LLNL

UC Berkeley video


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