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News and information from the U.S. Department of Education.

Students may want to find schools that have a high rate of success among their students all for a good price. The following 30 four-year institutions have high graduation rates among first-time, full-time students, and low costs for their lowest-income students.

Institution Graduation Rate (150 Percent of Normal Time to Completion) Average Net Price for Low-Income Students
Amherst College 95.2% $3,739
Be’er Yaakov Talmudic Seminary 93.5% $6,989
Bowdoin College 94.3% $6,731
Brown University 94.8% $6,104
Colby College 91.4% $6,443
Columbia University in the City of New York 94.2% $5,497
Dartmouth College 95.3% $7,648
Duke University 94.4% $6,280
Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus 80.7% $7,875
Hamilton College 91.8% $7,245
Harvard University 97.2% $3,386
Haverford College 93.3% $5,648
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 92.9% $6,733
Pomona College 95.8% $4,935
Princeton University 96.5% $5,720
Rice University 91.8% $7,960
Stanford University 95.5% $3,895
Texas A & M University-College Station 79.3% $4,528
Trinity College 84.8% $7,874
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 90.3% $7,156
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 89.7% $6,543
University of Pennsylvania 95.8% $6,614
University of Virginia-Main Campus 93.2% $7,007
University of Washington-Seattle Campus 81.3% $6,406
Vanderbilt University 92.4% $7,147
Vassar College 92.2% $5,062
Washington and Lee University 90.1% $7,663
Wesleyan University 91.1% $7,455
Williams College 95.9% $8,202
Yale University 97.0% $7,637

This list includes schools in the top 10 percent of predominantly four-year-degree-granting schools for 1) graduation rates (150% of normal time to completion) for first-time, full-time students and 2) low net price for students receiving federal grants or loans with a family income of $0-$48,000. Net price refers to the net price for in-state students in public institutions. Percentiles were calculated excluding cell sizes less than 30, schools with zero undergraduate degree-seeking students, schools not currently operating, and schools in territories.

News and information from the U.S. Department of Education.





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