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2015 CCCamp: rad1o says “Aneddotica”


The rad1o badge contains a full-featured SDR (software defined radio) half-duplex transceiver, operating in a frequency range of about 50 MHz – 4000 MHz, and is software compatible to the HackRF.

It is based on a Wimax transceiver which sends I/Q samples

in the range of 2.3 to 2.7 GHz to an ARM Cortex M4 CPU.

The CPU can process the data standalone for various applications

(like FM receiving, spectrogram display, RF controlled power outlets, etc.),

or pass the samples to a computer using USB 2.0

where further signal processing can be done e.g. using GNU Radio.

Radio signal transmission is also possible in standalone mode

by software running on the ARM CPU, or from samples that are sent to rad1o through USB.

see morehttps://rad1o.badge.events.ccc.de

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