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1984: RB5X Robot “The Intelligent Robot.”

The RB5X Intelligent Robot ™ was the first mass-produced programmable robot that was made for home use, experimentation, and educational purposes. The RB5X is still being produced today! The RB5X Intelligent robots, options, and information can be obtained from:

General Robotics Corporation
760 South Youngfield Court
Lakewood, Colorado 80228-2813

(800) 422-4265 USA & Canada
(303) 988-5636 Colorado 
(303) 988-5303 Fax 
E-mail: rb5x@edurobot.com 
Web Address: http://www.generalrobotics.com/ or http://www.edurobot.com/


The RB5X is a cylinder-shaped robot with an arm and a transparent, dome-shaped top. It has an RS-232 communications interface. It was first released circa 1983. Its inputs include eight bumper panels, a photodiode and a sonic transducer. The robot learns from experience. (from Wikipedia.)


thanks to http://www.theoldrobots.com/rb5x.html

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