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The Robotarium: a terrarium for robots

Democratize robotics by providing remote accessto a  state-of-the-art multi-robot research facility. The Robotarium is a remotely accessible swarm robotics lab, developed at the Georgia Institute...

Luc Descheemaeker: Freedom

Belgian cartoonist Luc Descheemaeker with the 'pen name 'O-SEKOER'. 250 international cartoon awards

Cryptographic: A cryptocurrency visualization

It's an exciting time for cryptocurrency. As of March 2018, there are more than a thousand currencies in existence, with a combined market capitalization of over USD...

Lunavity augment the human capability

LUNAVITY: A Backpack Multi-rotor for Jump Augmentation Lunavity is a system designed to augment the human capability of jumping. An attachable multi-rotor elevates the user...

Blue Vision Labs – Collaborative Augmented Reality

The world’s first augmented reality cloud platform for building city-scale, shared and persistent experiences. The Blue Vision AR Cloud SDK allows developers to create city-scale...

Dark Web Map

The Dark Web Map is a visualization of the structure of Tor's onion services, a.k.a. hidden services, a.k.a. the dark web. The map consist of 6,608...

Hypervsn™ 3D video content with holographic effect

Hypervsn™ projection unit by Kino-mo, a hi-tech hardware device generating stunning 3D visuals perceived by viewers as hi-resolution holograms floating in the mid-air. Kino-mo is...

Luc Descheemaeker – StephenHawking – blackhole R.I.P. 1942-2018

Stephen Hawking passed away March 14, 2018.

Rodriguez: “Good Bye, Mr. Hawking”

Stephen Hawking passed away March 14, 2018. "I think that extraterrestrial life is quite common in the universe, although intelligent life is not so much....

Dr. Stephen Hawking: Interview on Human Impact on Planet Earth

Stephen Hawking passed away March 14, 2018. To remember this remarkable human being, we share the following interview with Stephen Hawking that we conducted...

Vasco Gargalo: Censorship

Censorship | for the first time, I just had a humorous cartoon the "nuclear kamasutra", censored by Facebook and another social network like instagram....

3D-printed home created specifically for the developing world

Non-profit working to create a world where no human being lives in survival mode, and ICON, thenewly launched construction technologies company leading the way into the...

Robots Want Bitcoins Too!

Cesar Cerudo (@cesarcer) and Lucas Apa (@lucasapa) conduct the first ever ransomware attack on a robot! Watch the robot get hacked and turn from...

The Disconnect – Disconnect from Internet & read the magazine

The Disconnect is an offline-only, digital magazine of commentary, fiction, and poetry. Each issue forces you to disconnect from the internet, giving you a...

Untitled (the flower game)

This small game is half drawing machine and half bullet-hell. Player characters, enemies and barriers are duplicated geometrically around a center point, creating a...

Samia Halaby: Kinetic paintings

Samia Halaby is a world renowned painter who purchased a Commodore Amiga 1000 in 1985 at the tender age of 50 years old. She...

Luc Descheemaeker: Happy International Women’s Day

#InternationalWomensDay Womensday #WomensDay2018 #WomensDay #womensdaycelebrations #InternationalWomensDay #InternationalWomenDay #internationalwomensday2018 #8March #8mars #vrouwendag #InternationaleVrouwendag

Luc Descheemaeker: Trump proposes

President Trump on concealed carry for teachers: "If you had a teacher who was adept at firearms, they could very well end the attack...

2.6 million of newborns die before they lived a month

One million the same day they came to light. That means 7,000 every day: almost five every minute. These are the numbers of the report...

Children labour

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